About B2B and B2C Marketing

So today what we talk about is  all About B2B Marketing & B2C Marketing.Now a days all over world online shopping is so much popular, people want to get their product at home. People wish list easily complete at the shopping websites. Now “WHAT BEHIND THESE WEBSITES”.


Business to Business(B2B) Marketing :

As name simplified Business to Business means A product company market their product from other business company.for example advertising company  that is fully B2B marketing company. they  get ads from advertiser means from consumer and publish to the publisher. google adsense is an B2B Marketing. service between adsence and advertiser. Approx all E-commerce sites have this relationship like flipcart,snapdeal,jabong and myntra are B2B marketing company.

Business to Consumer(B2C)  Marketing :

It is a direct interaction between Business and consumer. so lets explain it with some examples the basic and practical example is our daily shopping like we shop something that is directly to the business marketer. this is an kind of B2C marketing. and another example is someone directly want to advertise on the website.

Now a Day’s all Organisation Are follow Both relationships . below we also given list with an organisation with both relationship.


Above image is real things “ how flipkart work ” . Now I clear you that
“ Any B2B operation have 100% FDI but it cannot legally sell directly to consumer’s , For that it required B2C ”
Now here B2B is Flipkart and WS Retail is B2C, so flipkart cannot sell product directly to you. This is not only for flipkart for all online shoping website that sell product by B2B Market. You can easily identify this when you shop something online see on the packing box , you find name of other company. Suppose you buy something on flipkart you get packing box from Ws retail .
I have this list of websites that have B2B and B2C entity.
                                     B2B Entity                              B2C Entity
• FlipKart.com   –   Flipkart online service          – Ws Retail
• Myntra.com   –       Myntra designs                     – Vector E-Commerce
• Jabong.com   – JADE ESERVICES                     – Xerion Retail
• Snapdeal.com   – JASPER Infotech                    – Spinel tradecom
• Yebhi.com   – Big Shoe Bazar                               – Shop online trading
• Yepme.com   – VAS Data Services                       – Growth trading


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