Advantage and Disadvantage of a nofollow blog



Recently We Talk about  Advantage and Disadvantage of  a dofollow blog Now We See For Nofollow Blog.First You Need To Know About What Is nofollow And Dofollow links.So Take a Look Here.

Advantages of Nofollow Blogs :

  1. Spammers will not spam your blog.
  2. Only interested visitor will post comments on your blog.
  3. less time to moderate comments.
  4. Link Juice will not be distributed on those link which will includes in comments.
  5. You Have Not Need To Think About Google Search Rank Will Be Automatically maintained .

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Disadvantages of Nofollow Blogs :

  1. Less amount of comments even for great stuff !

Some Bloggers will not share there opinion even if they want to , because of nofollow attribute .

Thats All ! I Think You Got All About Dofollow And Nofollow.


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