Amazing Shortcuts key for window 7 and 8 that surprise you

By:- +Aman yadav

These shortcut key surly reduce your time during computer operating. Shortcut keys is so difficult to remember but if we use that daily than they easily remind . So take a look of these key list

1. Firstly i tell you shortcut of making new folder that is so essential shortcut  because for making new folder we go to new and than create new folder , leave this and start using  Ctrl + Shift + N

2.Open program as an administrator by using this Ctrl + Shift + Click on that program 

3.Moving Active window –LEFT- RIGHT-TOP-DOWN
        Window key+Arrow key’s

4.CUT, COPY , PASTE  and select all shortcut key is 
Select all -Ctrl+A

5.Window key + tab to get tabs
6. Window + B to focus on tray icon’s
7.Zoom in Zoom out window 8 apps
by Ctrl+plus and Ctrl+(minus)



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