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Auto Heroes – Tips and Tricks for Beginner

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If you are a Idle Game fans and looking for some fresh and unique game mechanics and combat system then Auto Heroes is Must have app in your smartphone.

This is an incremental game about strategy. The players can build powerful Hero units and command them to fight alongside Auto Heroes and crush the demon lord’s schemes. Let’s protect this sacred land of Auto! and learn about some useful tips and tricks about the game.

Auto Heroes – Tips and Tricks for Beginner

Understand Every Hero’s

A very first quick tip is read and understand the hero’s now I know this seems a bit of a heavy task as it is a long thing to do But for example you’re only interested in royal and scavenger heroes that’s fine but you should probably read all of the hero’s abilities and what they can do right? because this will also help you fight against those heroes later on into the game when you end up against these heroes whether it be in PvP, PvE or in the island defense of the runes adventure.

if you know what these heroes do when and it comes to actually battle them and using them yourself it becomes very easy to well much easier to understand how the concept of the that hero.

Upgrading Heroes

Don’t focus on each and every hero in your account. Focus on just a few heroes, or else you will run out of materials quickly. if you are not sure about which hero you should focus check out our Auto Hero Tier List and choose best one.
Also, As you upgrade High tier hero require high tier heroes of the same faction as materials to awaken, you should try to use Rare Heroes as materials as much as possible.

Ingredients needed to Upgrade a Hero to 10 Star:

  • 9 same hero
  • Three 8 star hero (same color)
  • Six 5 star hero (same color)
  • 58 medal ( 37 for the main hero and other 21 to make the three 8 star hero)


In early Stage, Don’t upgrade Equipments too much, or else you will run out of Gold quickly, if you need upgrade equipments for Weekly Quest, upgrade low tier equipments instead to get rewards.

complete your daily and weekly Quest

even if you can’t be bothered playing today just okay log on to do your daily quest. these take no time at all. you need to get your dailies and Weekly.

Because if you think about it right wait goes for seven days right you got a hundred diamonds every day that’s 700 diamonds plus your 900 that’s 1600 diamonds you’re missing out on a week if you don’t do your dailies and you don’t do your weeklies if you miss out on a Couple of dailies that’s fine but you should finish your weekly Quest.

Spending your Resource

One of the most important thing is learn how to spend your resources wisely, especially if you are f2p player.

Diamond: You should only use diamond for one of the following

  • Upgrade hero slots to maximum capacity.
  • Buy Recruit Scroll in Shop and World Merchant (random encounter on the map).
  • Recruit x10
  • Glisten Essence (Shop)

Glisten Essence:

Early game, only use your essence to awaken/upgrade heroes you Really need, if you are not careful, you might run out of it quickly and get stuck for a long time.

Gold: Outside of spending on hero upgrade, you should only use gold to buy the following:

  • Hero Shard
  • Bounty Order
  • Refining Potion

It cost a lot of gold to upgrade later on so don’t waste it on equipments early game As I said in the above point too.

Courage Coin

Buy Meve the High Priest in Courage Shop if you don’t have her yet. Otherwise, save them for Legendary Hero Shard and Legendary Medal. Morrigan the Eye of Night is also a very strong hero, but you can get a few copies of her for free later on, it’s up to you if you want to spend Coin on her or not.

For End Game – Use courage coins to buy medal only. Dont buy hero or anything else (medal is needed for end game)

We will Update More tips as we learn More! thanks!

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