Best Rich Snippets and Schema Mark-up Plugins For WordPress

In this post, we are going to cover the Rich Snippets and Schema Mark Up plugins for WordPress, which will help you to boost your website or blog ranking by making it attractive in their first impression.

About Rich Snippets

A rich snippet is basically your webpage’s appearance on the search engine. It provides additional info about your post enabling the user whether the post fulfills his query or not. Also, it makes your post visibly high with star ratings and attractive pictures, reviews. Rich Snippets provides search browser like Google, Yahoo, etc. with the exact information you are looking for in an eye-catching manner.

Rich snippets not only help in enhancing the overall look of your landing post but also helps in high ranking of your website. It increases Click Through Rate of your website. The rich snippets support content like:

  • video
  • articles
  • review
  • event
  • people
  • product
  • software applications
  • recipes
  • times
  • location
  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • breadcrumbs
  • names and links

Rich Snippets are interactive plugins which help you in displaying proper information even on social accounts.

These plugins are a secret recipe which will be an extra advantage to your blog after you have a great SEO content. These WordPress plugins will help in getting high traffic towards your website and make you stand out in the competitive digital world. No matter how beautifully you have created your meta description of every post, still you will need an extra push to make users click on your site link. This extra push comes from these Rich Snippets and Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress based websites.

Let me tell you little about Schema Markup

Schema Markups are the little encryptions which create wonders for your website irrespective of great content or SEO strategies. To access its great benefit, just set it up and get going with the awestruck results. It will assist the website in displaying all the relevant and related information of the content. For example, the author, timings, event date, will be displayed if you have posted content about an event. And reviews, star ratings, pricing, details, and other small stuff will go along with the listings in SERP.

So you can create wonders by just adding this Schema Mark-up Plugin code to your website. You will find a great change through these Schema Mark-ups as it will enhance the functionality of any WordPress scripted site or others. Though it needs a lot of experience in developing it, and once you know it, it will give better ranking to your website and make it stand out in the rat racing world.

After all the information provided above, you can easily understand the importance of best rich snippets and schema markups for your WordPress site. 

  1. SchemaNinja Rich Snippets & Recommendation plugin

SchemaNinja is again a rich snippet for all WP-based sites. It not only helps in improving your Click Through Rate, but also creates an exclusive ranking for your website through structured data markup.  Such exclusive rich snippets are used to define structured data markup that site operatives can insert to their present HTML, which in turn enable search engines to better apprehend what info is enclosed on each web page.

SchemaNinja plugin works on all types of web content and is useful for creating Schema Ratings for your blogs/websites. This rich snippet is an excellent plugin for any type of niche blogs and specially for those:

  • Bloggers, who want to grab a unique position in the digital world
  • Affiliate and CPA marketers, who want quick conversions
  • eCom vendors, who want to maximise profits from each user
  • Product vendors, who want expand their trades and spread buzz on promotions
  • Freelancers, who want to make more money and get remarkable results for the clienteles
  • Money making niche, which shows advantages and disadvantages or service rating of any product

It is one of those advanced Schema rating plugins which will assist you in increasing your auctions by making use of attractive call-to-action buttons. Download here free from

  1. WP Rich Snippets

It is an all-in-one plugin for review providing websites along with lots of choices to create rich snippets.  This snippet is priced around $70 and is the most endorsed one. With WP rich snippet, you can develop different forms of designs for your reviews. Using your own customized criteria, you can manage reader-succumbed reviews. You can customize many other things like:

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Standard support
  • Import/export tools
  • Multimedia features
  • Schema choices for timings, votes, addresses, star recommendations
  • Percentage
  • Summaries

It completely manages what the schema snippets do to your content, and you can observe all changes through your dashboard. The fully loaded features in the plugins are still being developed with other add-ons by the webmasters. The new attachments offer uploading photos along with reviews, comparison tables, call-to-action buttons to increase your conversion rates.


  • Time-saving plugin
  • In-built interface with much clarity
  • Additional WooCommerce integration
  • Excellent CTA buttons to have an eye-catching effect
  • Permits user to post review via WP comment box
  • Highly-rated use backup support
  • Moderately priced
Pros Cons
Multi-faceted plugin with remarkable performance Many other rich snippets have more improved versions
Good customer support
Intuitive user interface with much transparency

Download it from here

  1. WP Product Review

Again this is a product review plugin for and WP based sites and lets you structure your details in pros and cons format. It is worth considering and as it also allows to rate the product under different sections. For instance, if you have a professional website and it covers up all the technical specifications of the variety of laptop available in the market, then you can rate the battery life, processor, hardware and other things separately.

It also supports user-submitted assessments and claims to have more than 50,000 active installations so far. The WP Product Review Pro Add On Bundle is the extra features offered, with Pro edition, you can make your product review outstand like anything. You don’t need to enter analysis manually, and in its place, a simple and competent tools had been developed that allows you to import settings from other posts, on the similar page using AJAX. Listed price is $59.99

Pro version features:

  • Let’s pro users take benefit evaluation tables, personalized symbols, and short ciphers
  • It is a handy widget which enhances the look of your website
  • Helps in developing creative affiliate buttons,
  • Short ciphers allow showcase reviews in more attractive manner
  • Pre-installed features enable you to import backgrounds on the same page


Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface with many multimedia features The buyers of this pro version complain about non-justified features for an extra purchase made
Saves time and record input Competition is fierce

Buy it from ThemeForest & Download it from

  1. Schema App Structured Data

It is a free plugin for accessible from the plugin directory. One does not need any prior coding knowledge or experience, as the plugin is for direct schema editing. After installation, it automatically generates default schema mark-up to the complete website. You can also go for personal editing of each page of your site.

This plugin uses the editing tool by Hunch Manifest, which makes your work easier. The tool mechanically generates correct schema code for the content, authenticates it and makes it ready for search engines to analyze. You can also purchase advance features with a premium version for designers’ website.  Listed price is $37 a month for free edition.


  • Installs default schema automatically for all your web pages
  • Separate corrections can be done on without having any technical experience
  • Good customer support for premium version along with multi-faceted inbuilt interface
Pros Cons
Robust and reliable plugin Only for WordPress based websites
In-built automated features makes it easy to use
Rich Snippet for Google webmasters

Use it for free from

  1. Authorh Review

It is used to design your website in an optimum way so that you can reap more profits. The collection of different features will attach more instructiveness to your reviews. With a basic comprehensible layout, you can attach featured images so that readers get attracted with your overall ratings, opinions, and website designing.

This is yet another plugin which lets you assign review column through comment box. You can also hide affiliate links inside a sleek info button; however, editor rankings extend the ability to the complete post. It has got more than 4000 active installations, and more development is going on to make it more appealing. Priced at $69 and you can buy add-ons by paying extra amount.


  • Let’s you put an attractive featured product image to enhance the overall look of the post
  • You can precisely write summary to ease readability
  • Emphasizes on the review standards
  • Attention-grabbing affiliate linking buttons
  • Short encryptions allow adding reviews with more freedom of placement
Pros Cons
Ability to use manifold rich snippet forms Add-ons are little expensive
Easy to use interface with better customer support
Easy expansion of plugins through great variety of add-ons

Get it for free from WordPress

  1. All in One Schema. Org Rich Snippet

It is free of charge plugin for WP sites which provides lots of appealing features to make the post look fascinating. Currently, it has 65 five star ratings from its users as it is easy-to-use and the built-in interface is designed to create practical approach. The plugin offers a rich snippet exactly below the graphic editor on your WP website and pages.

It does not include a local business markup choice till now, but progressions are coming up to add new features to the plugin. It already assists in good CTR of your website and is full of rich snippets like images, star ratings, and much more. It is an open source plugin.


  • Helps in boosting ranking and SEO
  • Works fine with Google, Yahoo, FB, and Bing
  • Supports all type of content
  • Is good for adding reviews, star ratings, software app, etc.
Pros Cons
Rich snippet for WP sites Minor bugs
Coordinates well with leading social platforms

Download it from here

  1. Yoast local SEO Premium plugin

You can’t write a better SEO content without using Yoast plugin. It is one of the most preferred plugins for WP websites and for those who emphasize on structured data choices for local trades. So you can look upto Yoast local SEO Premium plugin as a perfect solution to accomplish your schema requirements.

The premium version includes Google Maps incorporation to provide your visitors an easy way to formulate their schedule. It helps in improving the usability of your contact page. It is the best and most recommended way to stand out of the crowd and a push towards higher rankings. Priced at $69 for a single site


  • It combines the local SEO with WooCommerce
  • Offers higher rank in local search engines
  • Attachments like maps, addresses, timings, and a store locator, are present to increase usability
Pros Cons
Serves all over purpose for your website Limited coverage
All-in-one solution for getting high ranking
Most recommended for local use


  1. WP Social (Free+Premium)

To avail top-notch features along with additional alternatives to align Schema microdata, Google Authorship, Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Meta tags, and much more. It includes all the microdata which are supported by Google. Automatically optimizes your blog’s functioning with any social platforms. It has 7000 plus active installations. It automatically sets up of meta tags from current content.

Works perfectly with all types of plugins, whether WP SEO Yoast plugin or All In One plugin. It is also available in advance version which is called WP Social SEO Booster Pro. This version is available in English and German language.


  • It adds-up Google Plus Itemprop codes to the site for improved Search Engine Rankings.
  • It Supports most of the Rich Snippets, like –review, product, business, etc.
  • Supports Google Plus Publisher Pages
  • Each option can be used for all-purpose process as well as for custom-built post you create
  • Pro version consists of social sharing buttons
  • Backs all Open Graph tags
  • Adds Twitter Card Product Type mark-up and Open Graph Product meta tags to WooCommerce products spontaneously
  • Adds the detailed Article mark-up to all posts inevitably, but it can be deactivated
Pros Cons
Compatible with all social platforms The power of multiple features with the add-on Pro version may be little expensive
Rich snippet with all multimedia advance features There is no updated version in last two years
Does not need any special coding


Get it from

  1. Recipe Box

It is basically created to manage your food blog plugin, primarily for the purpose of adding richness to recipe sharing websites. It will not only enrich the complete look of the food blog but will assist you in taking it to the next level. This rich WP snippet will not only help search engines to get to your blog but also increase the CTR. It is priced at $20.

Recipe Box adds the beautiful multimedia attributes in the form of Recipe Description, Recipe Image, Recipe Instruction, Ingredients and more. You just need to fill up all the details in the boxes along with a short code, to make it visibly great. It is an innovative, approachable, and easy to use the snippet.


  • More than 60 personalized choices to choose from
  • Responsive and eye catching formats
  • All-inclusive easy to use interface
  • Helps in creating Interactive layout of the blog
Pros Cons
Gives beautiful and interactive approach to the food blog Limited compatibility as it focuses on one single content
Simple user-friendly interface


Final Verdict

Therefore, all the above-mentioned rich snippets add wonderful interactive attributes to your blog or website, by increasing the CTR. While selecting from the wide range, one has to keep in mind that if any of the mark-ups is not integrated correctly, the benefit won’t be reaped. So, overall you need to first decide on few things and then go for a particular plugin. Too many complicated attributes need experience for adding them. If you want to keep the structure simple, go for Schemaninja Free, and if you want to go for the technically advanced degree of expertise, Schemaninja Pro.



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