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Internet going more insecure day by day as popularity increase. Its time to secure yourself from tracker, hackers during surfing net . Most of time you never know this website track your location without any privacy policy .Web-tracker may be any from your professional world.

Question in mind is :




There is most of all website get your location give you better service , Some of website may misuse your location . Let me tell you most popular daily useful website ” Google “. Now some people know this thing some does’t know but google track to give you relevant result.

google location tracker

BUT DON’T WORRY SO MUCH, I have an  !dea

Here is some tools by using you can surf internet safe from tracker & spywares.

This is PC Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware software that Cleans Your PC From Malicious Applications.This software Remove Spyware, trojans,  malware and other unwanted malicious software from your pc.

This is kind of plugin for your browser that change all your website url to https:// Secure url.You can use this to Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Opera. and as well as this can be use in android mobiles. https

This is also a plugin for google chrome, ios, android, mozila, safari, opera browsers. This plugin show you on each website that you surf that -Which other website track you. Lets have a look:

tracker information


By this snapshot you can understand where people get you on their website but in this all website are trusted . So you can Surf website like these. But if Some have trusted tracker you sudden exit from their . I don’t know name of websites like these if you know share with us.

Get This plugin also for your browser to get security from advertisement , trackers. This plugin available for google chrome , firefox. This plugin secure and copyrighted also. You can use this free for your browser.

What tracker exactly do with your location.

I tell you already some website track your location for your good service like google, yahoo, bing, facebook, search engine’s. Few website track you to hack your system. Most of website also take your location for getting analytic data. Most of website you see google analytic to get your location , this get your location check how much people visit their website from this location, SO this is nothing insecure in your system. But if you see a unknown website track you then there is no guaranty to get  your location for which purpose. If you want to stop tracking you can use above plugins in your browser.

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