The solution for GTP style protection of window 8 1TB & 2TB hardDisk in HP pavilion g6 notebook/laptop

GPT(GUID partition table) is a another format of hard disk using globally unique identifiers (GUID) . It Also a part of UEFI(Unified Extensible firmware interface) GPT allocate 64 bit of logical address so when some original window 64 comes in 1TB hard drive that is formatted with GPT style that’s why when we change window from 64 bit to 32 bit we can’t able to select drives for installing window.
But we may change window of 64 bit in that drives. The error show after selecting is  ” The drive selected is GPT style format ” . Basically in HP pavilion g6 series notebook this error occurs. This problem i face tomorrow and get a solution of this. IF you also face problem like this means GPT  problems then change this format GPT into NTFS format for getting installation of 32 bit window.

In GPT first portion is available for the protective MBR(Master boot record).MBR partition scheme is earlier scheme in 1980’s after that Intel develop a new scheme of this which is UEFI Partition table format  which is for 32 bit OS. GPT format is a Subset format of UEFI for 64 bit and higher size hard drive.

GPT used in Mac computers recently but  now in  window PC also.

Procedure of changes from GPT into NTFS or in MBR or in any conversion :-

*You use Command prompt for this and use process like used in making pen drive bootable. here is steps for command prompt-
*Go to command prompt and type Diskpart

* Then a new window open and diskpart start you write in that
List disk
Select Disk 0 or 1 as in your PC if two hard drive available then if not available then select that one.
Detail disk
Select volume 0/1/2/3  which you want to change from GTP to NTFS
convert NTFS/GTP/MBR
Then you have done that and Exit


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