Check your website in google blacklist

Before going so deep in your website development, just  Check your website in google blacklist .Here is large list of blacklisted website by google on internet. Google daily approx. 1000 website list in black list. Basically first you need to know why your website list in google blacklist, here is some basic facts about websites which blacklisted by google.

  1. DMCA complaint : By the copyright act some website exceed the level of copyright or not remove copyright content from there website after google notice.Most of these website are :free movie/video songs download websites.Read DMCA complaintDMCA
  2. Fake Websites: Some popular websites like facebook,yahoo, google etc… have some fake name websites. These type of website also blacklisted.
What is google blacklist and what’s going on with these website by google.

Google blacklisted websites are never index in google and keyword of that in not set in google search.

Where you check your website in black list

Some website make some tools for checking blacklist but i am not sure these tools give you right information, these are here:

  1. The Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL)
  2. BlackListAlert
  3.  MX Toolbox
  4. Dennisnafisi

Other then these tools i recommend  you to check your website in google webmaster tools.Where you get correct information. Other then you check your copyright complaint at DMCA database search tools

Sometime even facebook list in copyright complaint  due to some user post.and free movie download websites always in complaint list.


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