Css cursor effect tutorial in webpage

Now you can change your cursor anywhere in the page , suppose you want to use cursor -hand on link then use pointer cursor.Cursor have many type , here is all type of cursor name and how to use cursor in the webpage.

For changing cursor you may use this code in div or in full page css by writing in

This code i write here for full body , you can change this for anywhere
If you not to know how to change the you need to learn Css in my last post here
background-color: green; color: white; cursor: Pointer;}

If you want to use this in div then simple put in style , If not working then ask in comment box

Change your cursor type in red char. and here is list of cursor

  1. this is a pointer type cursor
  2. this is a crosshair type cursor
  3. this is a move type cursor
  4. this is a wait type cursor
  5. this is a help type cursor
  6. this is a text type cursor
  7. this is a e-resize type cursor
  8. this is a ne-resize type cursor
  9. this is a nw-resize type cursor
  10. this is a n-resize type cursor
  11. this is a se-resize type cursor
  12. this is a sw-resize type cursor
  13. this is a default type cursor


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