Drag and drop resize javascript for image

Sometime some guys think to do something and they do, like this an amazing and useful script made for you .This funny javascript may help you to create something new .By this you can drag your image and put image anywhere in page.This script is basically made by the help of DHTML and javascript. First you take demo of this then you better understand what i am saying about.


Script for this is :  <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.liveurlifehere.com/learning-media/javascript/image-                                                        javascript/L_dragdrop.js”></script>

Put this script in your <head> section

Image code is :  <img name=”Liveurlifehere”  src=”http://www.liveurlifehere.com/learning-media/javascript/image-                                                        javascript/Liveurlifehere.jpg” style=”visibility: hidden”; alt=”Drag &amp; Drop  Image” >

                                            <script type=”text/javascript”>SET_DHTML(CURSOR_MOVE, RESIZABLE, NO_ALT, SCROLL,                                                                    “Liveurlifehere”+SCALABLE); </script>


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