Not Enough Memory allowed for PHP-error show in wordpress

When you install any plugin to your wordpress then sometime this error can be show. I have a solution for this  error”Not Enough Memory allowed for PHP”. Here is snapshot for error like this

not enough memory


Why this error show in my WordPress ?

This error is show due to you memory default set in your server. this is either  40Mb , You just change this upto 64Mb here is demo for

How to change size for allow PHP ?
  1. For changing you go to your control-panel or contact your administrator for this error.
  2. Find php.ini file where you install wordpress.
  3. And change memory to 64Mb if there is not written then write-    memory_limit = 64M;
  4. If you don’t find this file then go to .htaccess file edit this by writing  – php_value memory_limit 64M
  5. If this also show 500 error  then reedit this file error will remove.
  6. Next option is you go to wp-config.php and write just after <?php     –  define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
  7. Now refresh your wordpress this error will remove , If not then write in our comment, we find any other solution for this.


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