where to find google chrome extensions on computer

Finding google chrome extension file is not difficult ,if you always going to your hidden folders in your computer.In search you never find because extension original name is changed in that folder or you try to find by .crx then many files opwn, so i tell you exact location of that.
If you want to make a Google chrome extension and want to view which language code use in extension’s.OR if you install a google chrome extension and check this extension have not a tracking code or other malicious code that can harm your browser or computer. For whatever you want to see extension code file , I Show where in your computer google chrome extension crx files are stored , You easily go with this image 

copy this link —
C:UsersAman YadavAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensions

Note :- Before going with this link show your hide file in window because AppData folder is always hide by default.   

If you not finding then you can go to one by one.


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