Get to work on high cpc long tail keyword

How much can i earn from Google Adsense pay per click is matter on High CPC keyword & long tail keyword get to rank on 1st page of google search engine.A profitable guide that by that you can earn 50$ per click.This is on you that work harder or work smarter that mean you post a daily 2-4 article without seeing anywhere what you write, on which you focus.As i seen that most 50 % blog post writer doesn’t have the skill to finding keyword for the ost & some do not know  how to implement keyword in the post.I never tell you to work on high competition keyword but you must choose low competition every time.Long-Tail-Keywords


Because short cut never works for a long time, as i always suggest long time & white hat work to earn money.If you work harder then start working as smart.Your smart choice of keyword get to rank high.

What are the long tail keywords?

If you see our above mention image carefully you understand the meaning of long tail keywords,by the way, long tail are as name suggest- a special fic keyword which fully describe your post in just few words.Google always happy with long tail keywords because a wide area of top keyword selection is easy. I hope you know about high CPC keyword but making that high CPC keyword to long tail keyword .Because short keyword Google never rank high as i give you example:

Keyword : “is it safe to give out bank account number ” this have 71.62$ CPC in US

long tail keyword


As shown in image 1st post by StackExchange rank with a good amount of words in the description as compared to other.


Content for long tail keyword:

With Long tail keywords content matter this meant you never write obscure content in the keywords that is not to understand by relevant by visitors.Suppose your article on “Shopping websites theme design showcase with cart for WordPress” Now you write about this & you choose keyword “Shopping website theme with cart” Now if not write any platform in the post title then that will be waste because not Google decide to show this for Blogger or WordPress & if shown then visitor not come to you .

If you are decided to earn more money by internet then you work to get in the first post of Google with high cpc keyword.Some points for concluding this article are:

  • Search your keywords with best keywords searching tools, i suggest long tail keyword finder is SEMRush, Small SEO Tools,hittail.
  • Choose obscure keyword for post title
  • Make sure to interlink your relevant content in the post.
  • Make a video of that article & publish on youtube(youtube earning guide)
  • Make backlink of that post on high-ranking & relevant content website (Quora may be the best source of that)
  • Share every week on social website
  • As possible write guest post on your relevant blogs.
  • Find other post related to that on your blog & interlink all of that.

I don’t think after implementing all of this thing you not to get the benefit of this article if any suggestion or confusion share with us.


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