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Hello everyone, Now i show you some Google+  new features that’s are updated in April 2013.As in today post you see something different in top , i write my name with my Google+ profile.Here i write these three Google+ new updates.
Google+ comments
Google+ people sharing
Google+  Notification ON/OFF

*Google+ comments:-

Now in your blogger blog you enable Google+ comment in which your visitor get benefit.One other things is good looking of Google+ comment as like this snapshot and in that comment box you can also mention

people as in blogger post , i show you in this snapshot

How to enable Google+ comment in blogger

For enable comment in blogger you go to Google+ and check the Use Google+ Comment on blog ? .If this option is not available in your blogger profile the you are not connected to the Google+.for this read my 8 jan.2013 post

*Google+ people sharing

For this you write person  Google+ profile name followed by + sign than auto name list open as you write
I think you understand how to share people of Google+, If not than watch in video at LliveurlifehereTUBE

Google+  Notification ON/OFF

Now you cant miss any post of your friends of circle you can enable notification like this.


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