Google physical security key by FIDO

Google physical security key now available for your account high security . You can use this in each account of google (Gmail,Youtube, adsence, adword). This work after 2-step varification in google account.This key is basically USB key which can be used in any tablet, laptop, desktop etc.




Where you get this ?

You can BUY this on Amazon 

How to use this key ?

  1. Use of this key is so simple and you need just put in usb port when login to google account.
  2. This key used instead of google 2- step security codes , you just put this security key in your usb physical security key

How to add Security key in google account ?

  1. Go to “add security key page
  2. If key inserted in your usb port remove it.
  3. Click on register button
  4. Now insert key in usb port.
  5. Complete your registration :

    If security key have button

  6. You see blinking in circle , lightly tap on mark
  7. Next your registration complete and you see right sign

    If security key does not have button

  8. This is used at one time, please remove it and reinsert on next use.
  9.  Click Done 🙂

How to Sign In with Key ?

You just simply sign in by username and password and insert key when ask.

Follow above according to your key if have button or not.


Now Question is Why i am using Security key if 2-step verification is enough

  • Protection from phishing: Some time look like google website ask you to put security code and you put that code there then your account will be hacked. In security key except google website you never use that key.
  • Mobile phone off /Forget : If you forget your mobile or switch off or any coincident like this happened , but if you have key then you access your account.



  • This key work on google chrome only  (:
  • But for developer a  software given by that they can try to use in other browser.






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