Google Search Engine Tricks

Google is largest & more relevant search engine but for getting what you want you must have Google search engine tricks .Google search tricks are like what you type in search bar or what you want from Google that all things depends.Here i give you some tips how you search specific things on Google like as below:

1.Find Time of any Popular city.

  suppose we want to find what the time in Delhi(capital of India) ,so type on Google simply “time delhi”  and  we find time in Delhi ,as show in snapshot

2.Find Meaning of any word direct.

    If we want to find meaning of any word than we normally write on google “meaning of word that we want to know meaningBut now by my trick you write in google “Define followed by word“as show in snapshot
Beyond this you can also write ” dictionary meaning”.google relevent result show you language option also & you can get meaning in that language.
3. Convert your physical units.
If you want to convert any physical unit like km to mm, meter to cm ,and more like this
suppose we convert 1 tonne into kg than write on google “convert 1 tonne to kg
as show in snapshot

4.Get current info. of any popular person.

If we want to know  barake Obama at the present time or about 2 hour ago where he speeches or done any work than write on google”barack obama is * ” .as shown in snapshot

5.Distance between

You can also find distance between in any 2 place by write places followed by ” distance between”.You get exact distance between & places.



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