Hotlink protection plugin for wordpress

Google Search image redirect image on webpage or show “Click here Full resolution” on google images . These are can be change by hotlink protection , this post about Hotlink protection plugin for wordpress website.You can make hotlink protect for any website but you follow more step to implement on other then wordpress website

What is hotlink protection :

As name suggest this provide protect on linking with image to search engine search. By this you get traffic directly to post or image otherwise your google image search traffic waste and no benefit of image in your post. Blogger must have to hotlink protect for driving traffic to website post and an image website to protect image link directly open.


Features :

  • Getting more traffic on page/post.
  • Adding watermark at google image search
  • Add QR Code in google image search
  • Double the impression of website


Plugin for wordpress :

This is most used & secure plugin for wordpress. This plugin just install in wordpress & where you can manage it .For implement you download this from outsource website & install in website wordpress. Now you can show message on google image search & you can get direct traffic to website post.

Most of the people use this plugin for same application here you open image on same page & google search image also open on that image, Now you can also adjust extension according to your website images.

This plugin amazing provide you to full access to show another icon image on google search image,By this you can show another image or stop warning or any other thing you can do with these.

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I thing these plugin help you to get your post traffic directly to you & protect image from direct open.

Post update accordingly as plugin find , if you have share with us !!


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