how to add links on image in html

Image maping we can do in different languages like Html,,php. Now we learn how image map in these language.For new buddies i tell something about image maping-Link addition on image at different location is image maping . This addition of link on image is call as IMAGE MAP .Sometime we make full page in full size image and need to add some link on that. a good e.g of image mapping is goes to google map. so Now one by one we learn in these three language:

Image maping by html:

Here is few steps you follow to make image map.

  1. Select image and normally attach in your webpage
  2. Then start mapping here is demo

<img id=”Image-Maps-Com-image-maps-2014-02-13-014914″ src=”” border=”0″ width=”548″ height=”137″ usemap=”#image-maps-2014-02-13-014914″ alt=”” />
<map name=”image-maps-2014-02-13-014914″ id=”ImageMapsCom-image-maps-2014-02-13-014914″>
<area shape=”rect” coords=”2,3,135,134″ alt=”fbshare” title=”Facebook ” target=”_self” href=”” />
<area shape=”rect” coords=”139,2,271,135″ alt=”” title=”” target=”_self” href=”” />
<area shape=”rect” coords=”278,3,406,134″ alt=”” title=”” target=”_self” href=”#” />
<area shape=”rect” coords=”411,4,545,136″ alt=”” title=”” target=”_self” href=”” />
<area shape=”rect” coords=”546,135,548,137″ alt=”Image Map” title=”Image Map” href=”″ />

For this you can use online tools like

fbshare Image Map


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