How to approve google adsence in your blog website

On the internet everyone wants to approve their adsence account , It is easy for someone and very difficult for someone . I want to say something on this ” Adsence  want to approve all application but our blog never meet google requirments “. Lets take a summery of  all that

* Wait Wait Wait !!!

When you make blog you must concentrate on your blogging upto 200 post in 1 year . If you does’t wait and apply for adsence then google delay your approve your application.

*Increase your visitor in legal way

This is impotent things for every blog , But some blogger use some traffic increasing website , that website increase your page view not traffic on your blog. So write good and unique content on your blog for maximize your visitors.

* Time to apply for adsence      

Good time for you to apply for google adsence is when your daily page view is approx- 400 and above and 200 unique visitors.Your post must be approx 200 before apply to adsence and 1 year old blog. When your blog meet these requirment then you can apply.


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