How To Check A Blog Comments have Dofollow links Or Nofollow



How To Check A Blog Have Dofollow Comments In Link System?

Well Every Blogger Knows That What Is Dofollow Or nofollow  links But For Beginers I Just Give A Brief Dofollow links Are The links That Counts By The Search Engine To Give The Page Rank.And Use To Increase The Site linking For Alexa.Every Blogger Want To Increase The Alexa Rank So They Are Comments On The Websites That Have Doffolw Links.And Nofollow links are not count by the search Engine.Nofollow Are Not Actually the liks They Are the way To Reach To another link.

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So How To know a blog have do-follow  links or not?

Follow Steps:

  1. First We Have to Install A Chrome Extension SEO For Chrome From Here

2.Now install and Activate This You See This Type Of Image When Click On Extenstion



4.Now You Have To Enable The Show Nofollow  Box.

5.After That Go To Any Blogs Comments And see If Blog have Nofollow in comments then links are shown like this with red border.



6.If Blog Have simple Links Then It Enables the Dofollow links I Also Enable Dofollow Links 🙂


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