How to copyright my photos

Copyright your captured image to piracy of image on internet.How i copyright my image for free on web to use of another without my permission. This is in every mind when capture image or make image for upload on internet. Then what should we do to copyright.

Basically there no 100% solution for image piracy, But your original made image may fully protect

Let me give you solution of this free:

As per my experience i will provide you some solution for this -Watermark on image, search similar image, block link of image on website.

  • Put watermark on image: Here is one best free solution for prevent copyright image on web. You can put transparent logo on image . I suggest you to put watermark on image where other can’t over right that or edit in any image editing software. you can put watermark on image online but there your original image can be store and sell so be care full from that website, You either put watermark from any image editor yourself or choose trusted website. By the way we are developing a tool which put watermark on image without store that .
  • Search similar image :Find the image that one another image not used on the web . Here is lot of website for similar image search. Also google chrome extension also available that provide you to drag & drop and find similar image.But those website also upload your original photo & then search there few find. On that small changes that not fetch in search engine.
  • Hot link protection for image:   This protect your website image from copyright on which you are using. But not for all over the web to protect your similar image.This also protect google to fatch or direct image link open . Basic mean of this type is to protect image link on your website.

DMCA Protection:

This is popular and most useful website for content copyright , all over the web this protect content .This also protect image from piracy/Reuse. This website put watermark on image and track that from your stored directory . Image open to DMCA website that track privacy of website on web.On this you can upload unlimited images and you can put watermark on image in a second.

How you protect image by DMCA :

For copyright image by DMCA you just define a directory for that all image redirect to DMCA image . DMCA provide you watermark on image with company logo for pro user and DMCA logo for free users.You can use any of that , In pro you can copyright unlimited image.

Source:DMCA Image




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