How to create custom Facebook page in facebook app

Now on Facebook, you can create a custom page with your main page to show your more products. This is so beneficial for a company that advertising their product on Facebook like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, etc. By custom page, they show their recent product or product list on the custom Facebook page.

How this will be beneficial for you ?

If you are web owner or a blogger you make your custom page and show your full description of website or show snapshot of website/Blog.Or as according to your requirement you can make many things. I show you how to make a custom page.
#Liveurlifehere Fb main page look like this

By default in Facebook page google photos, likes and videos available, you can edit that and add your own.
For making the custom page you need to host that page so if you have a site for host then good if no then before going to other you choose

*First go to your host site and host your domain if you are using Google then you Go to Google sites and make your site by choosing a blank template.
* Make a new page and edit that page in HTML and put your image, videos, google map etc.
* Go to Facebook Developer page and make your app(If you don’t know how then check here)
* In FB app in page tab change the link with

* after saving your app you can check this at this link by change XYZ


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