how to drive traffic to your website with twitter

Do you have large number of twitter follower but you are not getting traffic from twitter then here is tricks for how to drive traffic to your website with twitter .Writing tweet is a technique to attract people for reading your tweet.If you write boring tweets then obviously no one read & go to your link you share.Tweets are like news for people if you present like old newspaper or old news channel then people have a large no of option they suddenly switch from your tweet to next.So making your tweets attractive & good looking is important task for generating traffic from twitter.These tricks help you to use twitter as marketing tool.twitter-slide-3

[pullquote]If you are searching for magic wand then you are in wrong way[/pullquote]

1.Write Questionable tweet:

When i am experimenting on my tweets since last 2 months & then i get these tips for drive traffic to your website.This 1st one is awesome & experimental thoughts for writing tweets.


These above my tweet for you to how to write questionable tweet for your blog post.If you see 1st tweet then you must expend tweets either this tweet for your purpose or not.Other things is that if people see good looking image in your link then definitely come to read your post.As same happen with me in this tweet when i am experiment on questionable tweet. Here bellow 2nd tips show you how to insert informatics image in your tweet.  

  2. Informatics Image in tweet

One of the important things after writing thoughtful tweet is insert an informatics image in your tweet that give full information about your blog post.A 100% working trick that i use in my approx tweet to recommend reader to click on click for read post.What kind of image i have make for this post that you seen in featured image.So One of the best tweet that i seen with informatics image these days is embed below.This tweet tweeted by Jeff Bullas on aug 2015 & when i am finding above questionable tweet on my timeline then i found this.When i read this tweet & see image then obviously i click to read more about this .I hope you also click to read more when you see image like this.


3.Make viral your tweet with hash tag :

 If you are not using hash tag in tweet then not possible to boom your website traffic from twitter.When i am start tweeting on my 4 year old account before 2 month ago – i get nothing from my tweets either i am writng questionable tweet or add informatics image in my tweet.I feel boring from twitter then i stop posting tweet on twitter later on 11th july i have write a post on “A profitable guide on- how to make money online” & tweet that again on twitter with attractive tweet lines & hash tag .What i get 302 impression on my tweet & 3 re-tweets that is unbelievable for my 1st hash tag tweet.


tweet activity of liveurlifehere


4.Mention your tweet belongings

With Extra ordinary tweet you have something more to make people following you.Mention is amazing things in twitter to connect with more people.If you mention someone like @aman007yadav in tweet then it will be 90% sure that mention account holder re-tweet your tweet then all thing done.You get to enter in the list of mention person following list.I am sure this tweet will break your all analytic records for ever.


You see above tweet in which B2B directory added me in the paper & mention me in the tweet.This kind of tweet get to attract peoples more.

5.Use twitter like a marketing tool

Here is the number of ways you see above in which you can use twitter to increase your website traffic . Social media made is easy way to the online engagement with customers and sites such as Facebook and Twitter are leading marketing platform for giving businesses is triggering start.

Twitter is powerful tool today for marketing arsenal.Use this tools to perform well in the online business builder market if you tailor your online advertising strategies to get beneficial and effective sales.By a single day millions of users access Twitter all over the world and this enormous subscriber base can provide your company with a virtually unlimited wealth of opportunity when it comes to attracting traffic to your websites.

Here is tips for marketing strategies with twitter.

  • Follow your business belonging on twitter
  • Increase follower by tie-up with social media blog or website that related to your business
  • Get smart with your tweet writng(above tips can help you to become good tweet write)
  • Be professional with customer on twitter
  • Search your own business related  hash tag
  • Make a hash tag with your brand
  • Mention popular people in tweets
  • Link your website with twitter tweets
  • Not to be limited with your business on twitter write other business tweets to get more engagements.
  • Make good looking branding website with good looking themes


How can you use Twitter most effectively?

Short link and-sweet posts on Twitter witch must be thoughtful & interesting. You have milliseconds to grab the attention on twitter timeline, so this is essential that your tweet contains essential information for your follower, valuable content in tweets, and good looking image with relevant information.

Grab more twitter following to be inspiring in the business market.Be a honest with twitter audience & they respond e you by re-tweet & add to favourite tweets. So continue your twitter experiments & if you got new things then please update us so more people know more about twitter.


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