how to earn money from youtube

Every one today want earn money online by either YouTube or their own website. This is not tough task as I teach you but your interest make you higher than other to earn $$$ from YouTube. As I told you this is not tough task but for a limit, if you earn more and more then you should have different & creative idea & video making, editing skill. Before start earning tutorial I give brief introduction about YouTube channel.

How to make YouTube Channel?

This is most first task you have to do on YouTube. But how to make channel is good question because go to YouTube & write any channel name & start posting video is childhood activity that a professional channel never do.Then how to do that : “In simple & clear word you start with your notebook first” I mean you plan for what you are going to make ,what you think, what is your interest, Which are then most wonderful skills you have that may be your tech, beauty, health etc… related but should be depend on your interest because your interest will help your customer to learn something.

Suppose you decide to give tutorial on “Gym” or “body building for man” & you daily make your body also by morning, evening exercise in your personal gym.

By the YouTube channel you want to make you popularity also for make lifetime Fan & customers then make channel name with your name or your “Gym name” like: Rock bodybuilding. So this is how you make your YouTube Channel, if you follow me let’s have a brake until you make your channel & then start what is next…

How to customize YouTube channel?

A good looking channel logo/cover image make your channel professional. If you know about some graphics designing that’s is awesome but you require any professional designer then you may hire form liveurlifehere just go to home page & contact us from there or simply write here in comment box. According to your low budget you may use your image in your logo & cover page.


How to make video & edit video for YouTube channel. >How to make video: Just record video is nothing that never make your customer or video watcher never subscribe your channel. For making video you first make good script like a movie/TV serial/TV advertisement script & follow that for making video.

  • What should be in your script: Video Script you are making should have one task to learn at a time for your audience & in that you are hero in any manner like your voice, your word, your sense of humor, your body language (if show in video).Your script must have climax because your audience must full video. But never make fool your audience any time either you’re video for 5:00 min. or your make 1:00:00 Hr. show.
  • How to record video: If your channel just like “Gym” means which need a camera to record video then you should have camera with stand & focus of video on you always & should be on your work place. Make a good planning where you record & what kind of background view you have.
>How to edit video: Video editing is another skill that you may have if not then you must hire someone to edit your video, if you upload video as it is that is not good for your customers to view full video, they skip unwanted steps in this skip they may skip some useful step also & they decide your video is boring & never watch again. So for such situation you must edit video. Good quality video make your YouTube business 70% much better. How to monetization YouTube video for earning money.   That is final & your meaning task for that above all things you have to do “earning money on YouTube” But except above things you never earn money on YouTube, because earn on YouTube relate to how much people watch your video & how much people subscribe your channel. Beyond all these YouTube monetization have some steps also:
  • Video must not have any copyright mix like: music, any part of video steps etc.
  • Every video have good in quality.
  • Size of video should be in aspect ratio.
  • Time of video must have more than 5 min.


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