How to Format/reset LG GW300 mobile

LG GW300

How To Format Or Hard Reset LG GW 300

Hello LG gw300 mobile user you want to hard format your mobile then I tell you how
* Go to your no. dial window and type 1809#*300#
* Be careful you do not stop writing until you write full code either this code not work .
* when you press last no. # then a new window open automatically no need to press and button (dial or other)
* What you get on that window ?
-1.Device test
2.ELT mode
5.Call timmer
6.End mode
7.Network info
8. other
9. Debug setting
When you press 4 the your phone automatically format and restart
(Before doing this you Save all contact and other todo and other useful things becouse these all are deleted)


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