How to get website traffic from google plus

Google plus+ is a perfect place for anyone who want to connect with people all over the world either they are blogger, webmaster, seo experts, technology person, internet marketing people.Google plus is good source for webmaster because to get website traffic from google plus is easy. Google + is good open source platform for share website link from google. In just few years google plus get 3rd most successful social network after Facebook & twitter.Open platform what i mean to say where you can share anything like image, web page link, video etc. As google plus is google product so this have more features then other for webmaster these features are listed below.

Basic & common tips:

  • Way of integrating google+ in website :

Use google plus sharing & profile widget

Google plus sharing & profile widgets are one of the source of website integration.These widgets are easy & good looking in different type of designs.Now question is where & how to use google + widget in website page.

Where to place Google + profile widget in webpage

Almost blogger use left or right sidebar in blog template that is one of the best place for placing google + sharing widget.In the sidebar you can use your google+ profile widget that is only people follow you.

Where to place Google + sharing widget in webpage

Above the post content is the best place for placing your google plus sharing widget if you do not have design such like to place sharing widget then you can use left or right floating bar of sharing icon.

Use auto sharing in WordPress or other cms platform:

In wordpress auto sharing plugins available for share your link when you post from your blog. Jetpack plugin have this auto sharing in social websites that have google+ also, link your google plus profile over there.

  • Trick to share on google plus

Sharing on google plus is just like as twitter as i write in my recent article ” how to use twitter as marketing tool”.Hash tagging is wonderful & you can use this for getting traffic to your website.If you are using hash tagging in your post but not getting any response then you could not blame that google plus can never be use for getting audience.I am also getting bored after sharing my post to google plus but not getting any response from there some time before. You read in my experimental theory for getting traffic to my website from different #hash tags.

  •  Attract people towards to your google plus post.

If don’t know i remember you now & almost in every internet marketing post i write about feature image that is 100% useful trick for getting response to your post and google plus also have this manual image upload image option.If you see on google plus timeline your post have few sec. for attract people towards your post so image is excellent way to get response.

Extra ordinary beneficial tips:

  1. Find who want your content :  you should know your targeted audience , you should know who will see your post like for technology article only people who interested in   technology will see your content then why to share with all other just share with technology circle or community  . you can create your own circle and put people over there.
  2. Send Email while sharing : google plus give an option for sending emails you people.but that you need to tick on that option to send mail to people that you choose to share with . but google can send email to few people if you circle have more person then you can’t enable that option that why you should be very careful about you plus 3
  • My experimental theory :

  1. Use animated image:When google plus comes in my contact 1st time after launch by google i see one different thing about google plus that is animated image & till now i see this.One day after seeing a funny animated image on google plus i get this idea because every one want to look something different & good looking things on internet ,so why not we can use this in our blog post with website link.This is depend upon us that how to make our animated image.You can google for searching gif animated image maker .
  2. Take help of trending # hash tags:Use google plus trending hash tag for making viral your post but be careful about your reputation if you choose wrong hash tag then that impact a -ve impression on your profile & your website.So be professional & use relevant tag that is about your blog post.Most of the time news tags are trending so if your website is about that news of related to this then you can use that.googlepus4


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*If you are using all above these steps but not getting benefit then ask me for assistance.

*When i get more tips on increasing traffic from google plus then i update here with you and if you know more then these tips then comment below .


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