How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast on Blogger Free SEO Tools

Increase traffic fast on the blog is necessary for every blogger to increase their revenue. This will only be done by SEO (Search engine optimization)  and that is either you purchase or pay to any SEO optimized website. But I give you a Trick to use free SEO and which is provided by Google.You can use free SEO keyword search engine by Google Adwords.

Go here to use Keyword filter

  • Search your line and choose keyword according to competition (I recommend to choose medium )
  • After choosing the keyword you make that link your your page and write title by adding something extra.
  • Even in the page content you write that keyword any where in above line.
  • If don’t know how to add custom in blogger then go to above tutorial. because adding keyword in link is most important for search engine to find your page.


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