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Get traffic on website is easy but smart task.Many people ask to me how to increase organic search traffic for google search engine,i am worry how to teach someone in just a minute for that i write this .Before 6 most I am continuously post on the blog but not getting traffic on website direct.Then I try to do social traffic generation not by just share & get back from there.I give good response of my post follower on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This trick increase my 10% of traffic on website and also increase my avg. time of visitors on blog means people read other post also.

As you listen -Reading make you perfect knowledge person

Now let’s concentrate on topic that you are looking for.
Why not start from basic things because someone or either you not taking basics seriously on your blog then you are not able to increase traffic on blog.
1.Website configuration in search engines:

This is basic & most important task because every time you are not depend on direct traffic .You need to configure your website to search engines like Google,yahoo,bing to come in search.Here I am not describe full detail of website configuration but you must read & apply this post on your website before going to next step in this post.
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For making backlink & site polarity by page view below mention 4 point help you to increase organic search traffic.
2.Social sharing flowchart.

Why I call this flow chart because you not need to share your post every where just post on one website &from there your post publish everywhere. I am working on this flow chart of approx. 15 websites share at a time. But still I can give you list of websites where you can share manually.
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Get high traffic from twitter

3.Join popular forums:

Join fourms like Yahoo answer,quora,stackexchange or any other Q A websites .As much as possible you give perfect answer so people trust you & follow you by your link or search on google.In these days Quora is best for any blogger to get traffic from there,search question related to your post & give big answer of that with your post link but answer should be right never make fool to your audience as i always tell you.

4.Make Email-follower :

This is the best way for getting visitor to your website suppose you make 5000 email follower then approx. 3000 people come your post daily to read.So this is so much important for any blogger to make email follower.You can make that by sidebar e-mail subscription widget or popup for email subscriber.

Get E-mail collector to increase e-mail follower

5.Make interaction with blogger by comment:

One of the best solution for drive traffic on blog is by interact with blogger by comment on their blog by that things many benefits like you make your back-link for your site,being a professional blogger in blog world.I would like to tell you – 90 % blogger use this fundamental trick to make their good profile.If you are niche writer then choose your niche blogs on web for comment .

After reading & applied on your blog i am sure you be a successful blogger & can generate nice traffic on your blog.One more things i would like to say is

Wait for some time if you feel right -NEVER GIVUP

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