How to make animated GIF image in photoshop CS5

Tutorial ON: how to make animated gif image in photoshop cs5

For a good web-designer ,it is necessary to have good Photoshop designer.As much as designer give extra ordinary look to website by his/her style CSS programming that is not sufficient until don’t have good images in that website.With jpeg,png and other images GIF images play another roll in website So you must have knowledge of making of animated GIF image .

You need to learn Photoshop  for making your image professional . Today i give you tutorial of making new GIF images animated in photoshop 7. Lets start with these steps

1. First you make you image in photoshop that have many layers because in animated image frames change in few sec. You can use different images in frames but in different layers.

2.Now you save this image in .psd format and open in imageReady. In that you get animated frames tab where you add layers.

3.Now after adding layers choose first frame and hide all other and same in second frame… that means you hide that layer in frame that are not want to display.

4. Now you set your frame and timing in between them and at last save your gif image

I hope you do best with your images and this post tutorial helpful for you and your designing. For more stay update on liveurlifehere Blog by subscribing through your daily use email


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