Make Facebook app in 1 minute

Learn how to make an app in 1 minute, I calculate Facebook app minute when you make. i am not tried to teach you any of programming language or any kind of sample app i just give you a start upto you programming step. After that, you create app by your creativity, mind. Here you can Take a demo of my App ” Facebook Multi-share app”. Let’s start before going to deep.
Minute Countdown starts NOW:
1-10 Second: Login to Facebook Profile & Visit Facebook developer. (If you are not registered for a developer then this                               may take extra time.)
10-20 Second: After click on “Add a New App” you choose your platform , i give you demo for www that mean an app for you own website.
20-30 Second: Type your new app name in input bar
facebook dev
40-30 Second: After that, you type display name & Create App ID
Remaining time for app information fill up & after that your app ready.
Watch This Video For more:


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