how to make login and register page in php

how to make login and register page in php is the first question in mind when any programmer start learning programming. This is not so much tough but not so easy because if do not take security action in your programming this may result website account hack. So we give you secure php login register code for your first time programming.

How to register / signup with php

Before going deep in register with php programming you must know

When you learn above these database making and connection then nest step will be easy for you.

Now come to the main step and learn how to make register in php.

Now you are can register your data into database that you have connected , I hope you understand and can make your own register for according to your submission detail.

How to make Login page in php

As you make register page in php then your all data saved in your database now you just configure to access that data and validate that to next action you have make in your website. I think this is not so much difficult if you learn above programming.

Visit to : Learn how to make php login form.

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