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Top 10 twitter hashtag for marketers to make post viral

Do you know twitter is 2nd largest referral website traffic generating website & largest social engagement platform for marketers? In a previous post, I have written case study of generating website traffic from twitter. Where I write about the use of twitter hashtags for generating website traffic.In my social engagement with marketing people one question every time I saw the importance of hashtag in website traffic on twitter.Here I found few hashtags for internet marketers that are popular & must use to get a higher impression on a tweet.Do not use one hashtag twice that make a bad impression on 10 twitter hashtags

Strategy behind search twitter hashtag

Importance of twitter hashtag you may understand well if not then you get results when you are using these list of hashtags. Now main things are what strategy I keep in my mind to find these hashtags & how much these are beneficial for any internet marketing person.I get the value of these when I use these hashtags with craving tweet.I have kept few things in my mind when searching for top hashtags on twitter.

  • Each & every internet marketing persons can use these hashtags
  • Most widely used hashtags
  • Trending in marketing category
  • Match with marketing tweet phrase

How to use twitter hashtags

Just writing these hashtags in a tweet is no more good idea. For using the hashtag in the tweet, you must write the best tweet for this.Hashtags are work as a medium to send a tweet to many peoples.For getting more engagement on the tweet, you must have to write the wonderful tweet.But this question is rolling in your mind that what we write in the tweet so we get more engagement.For this, I have the suggestion for you

  • Write questionable few words in tweet
  • write only about the link that you insert in your tweet.
  • Insert hashtag in the bottom or in the phrase of the tweet.
  • Add infographic image as per tweeter image share standards

Must use images when you tweet with these hashtags because in the top of twitter hashtag page images are display first. so to get the higher impression you must use images.

Best possible option of writing tweet with these hashtags is to make you tweet using these hashtags

Now one by one I suggests you writing tweet using these hashtags.You can use more than one hashtags in a tweet but have similarity in your hashtag & make some meaning of that tweet.

Here is the list of popular hashtags


This is most trending online marketing hashtag on tweeter.You can use this in almost each tweet for online marketing.Here is a sample & best tweet example of this tweet is

Learn #InternetMarketing with a perfect #onlinemarketing guide

#digitalmarketing Use this as per your content you share.Most of the people use this anywhere but if you use it in any tweet then your tweet become ignoring tweet.




This is most versatile hashtag that can be used in any of the tweets.As this is a best matching phrase for the tweet you make your tweet phrase with this.My 1st tweet is the best example of this.


This hashtag only for those who share tweet for online business firms.This tweet not for personal promotion but for business firm promotions.

#Socialmedia As the name suggest if you have to write the tweet for social media then only you can write this but used in online marketing tweet.



Obvious from hashtag this is for only marketing tips tweet.You can use this for your link that you give content about marketing.

#marketing This is widely used in marketing tweets because this is simple & can be used in any of the marketing tweets.Let’s get see any example tweet of this.



If you are writing tweet related to email marketing tips or related to this then only you can use this hashtag, how this type of tweet can be written

#Socialmediamarketing Above hashtag #socialmedia used for all about social media but for specialized tweet for social media marketing then you have to use this.



This is most popular hashtag in online content marketing & also my tweet get good responses with this tweet hashtag.



2 responses to “Top 10 twitter hashtag for marketers to make post viral”

  1. Good advice Aman. I see those hashtags get a lot of use. I wonder if people SEE the posts (since there are so many) or just read the latest 5 tweets or so. Have you had success getting new followers with these hashtags? Thanks for your blog. Very useful.

    1. @Paul Evans – Your welcome,Actually i am surprising when i get better response from these few top hashtags on tweeter. I hope you also get good engagements.

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