how to Protect eye from computer screen

In this article we discuss all the techniques to protect your eyes from pc /laptop screen to be panic. because now a day many teenager  suffering from the the eyes related problem. Late night computer worker protect their eye from their computer/laptop. Adjust your computer screen by manually of you can use this software.When we are working we forget contact between computer  screen and our eye and getting much closer and closer.



After all Question is What we do


What can be done if you do not care of your eyes:

  1. You can suffer from eye problem “computer vision syndrome (CVS)”.
    Research says ! Out of 100 computer users, 40 People have eye problem .
  2. Some Common Problem mostly occurs that are :
    • Eye irritation
    • Dryness in eye
    • Double vision
    • Blurred vision
    • Headaches
    • Neck or back pain

What you need to care and take precautions :

  1. First Make proper distance between computer screen and eye (about min. 25cm)
  2. Never seeing continuously towards computer screen.
  3. Take a glass of cool water after every half and hour. If possible take dry fruits that help distract eye sometime from  computer screen.
  4. Beyond this you set your brightness manually of you can use this software: f.lux

What is f.lux and how to use it :

f.lux is software that will ajust the color and brightness of your screen automatically  to help to prevent eye infections. this is simple small size  sofware  in few kb. and it will automatically change the brightness like  in day time the brightness is high  and as the time down to night its brightness decrease automatically . and also it have some different  brightness color combination that will not panic you  eyes even you use your pc/laptop for a long time. and it have  also a movie mode option that can be use when you are watching the video’s . and much more feature so just download it and see all that.

  1. Download software : f.lux
  2. Install in computer and start automatically
  3. Now you need to set your location: f.lux tutorial


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