How to redirect one blogger blog on other

Sometime we need to redirect our one blog on other blog like me. Today i decide to redirect my all +liveurlifehere blog on this blog so i get this trick to redirect all blog on this. I know there is many way for redirect but my this way of redirection is best . In this you follow these easy steps or WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE 

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  1.  Go to your blogger which is going to redirect .
  2.  Go to template and then edit html
  3.  Now find meta teg in 
  4.  Now just write this code on that area-


<meta content=’5; URL=’ http-equiv=’refresh’/>

Here you change your redirection url and paste in page meta header. This code redirect your page after 5 sec. This code can be use for refreshing your same page , for refreshing just write code like this:

<meta content=’5; URL=#’ http-equiv=’refresh’/>

This # tag redirect on same page after 5 sec. so you put this in same place (in <head>).Here you can set your time for redirect . Basically this code is used for refresh button in the webpage but now i use this for redirection of one blog to other.


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  1. Thanks ! maillot rugby for this nice feedback. I will try to make our blog more convenient.

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