How to stop content copy past from your blog

When we write something different on blog we aspect that no one copy that, everyone read from my own blog and why not, this is our right.If you copy content of other then notice these things

Some rule of copy content from other blog

First things is content copy without permission is illegal , other things is if you want to publish content of other then you MUST give ref of that article in your page (With this content owner feels good when he/she see that content on your blog.)

*If you want to publish content other blog then you contact that blog owner or content writer and ask for publishing (In my experience no one say Do NOT publish).

* If you contact and he/she not respond you then after waiting you publish that and Give reference of that in heading 1 2(

) in your page .

This was for article copier, and if you are content writer and you want that no one copy my content then you use these codes in your blog:

Copy this script code in body of your blog. If you are using blogger then you insert html widget and paste these code in that.


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