How To Use Disqus in WordPress

Disqus is popular comment plugin for websites, You can use Disqus in any website like Blogger, WordPress, or in any web page. By Disqus, you can get the benefit of fast comment response and earn with Disqus Related post ads.Now if you have a WordPress website and want to install Disqus then you follow these steps.

  1. Go to your new plugin install and search “Disqus”
  2. install  Disqus plugin, check the author of that plugin that must be Disqus
  3. Next, You go to your comments>disqus(in left sidebar)
  4. Here, first step is log in to Disqus account(if not have account make here)disqus1
  5. Now login to your Disqus account
  6. Now add your website in Disqus
  7. now your Disqus is inserted in your website comment.

Go to your any post and check your comment.if there is an error “we were unable to load Disqus” read here detail


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