how to use ncomputing in my pc for multiple Screen from one computer

nComputing is a software and hardware company that make electronic device for sharing computer to multiple screen . Ncomputing is used every where like:
*Internet Cafe
*School/College Internet labs
*Company offices
*Corporate offices
*In Malls for multiple screen monitor samples

This means that ncomputing can be used where you want to operate or want to make multiple computer from one computer.
One things in mind always circulate i.e. “How to use” But this time use of ncomputing is very simple if you know connection of wire in back of your cpu . 

  Connection of this is like a bus bar connections. For using this you make no. of user account in your main computer and then connect Ncomputing on the back of your LCD monitor screen. Now you set user on different monitor/ncomputing .

Ncomputing have 5 port for Mouse , Keyboard, Monitor , Main server pc, Audio jacks

 By using this you can install full lab in very low cost “Without slow speed of your computer”. Mainly this is used for smalll purposes like internet sharing writing work  


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