How to earn money from affiliate marketing

How you can easily make money from affiliate marketing

#Affiliatemarketing is only one the best source of #earningmoney on the internet.But this can be easy for you when you read this guide of make money from affiliate marketing.If you seen towards each Popular blog earning reports then you easily understands value of affiliate marketing & you have to see those popular blog don’t have any on page ads like google adsense.This is the only reason of removing banner ads from website because affiliate earning is much more than advertisement earning.So here we learn step by step how to earn money from affiliate marketing.How to earn money from affiliate marketing

After reading this guide you definitely start earning from your own effort.So follow below each steps

Make your own blog/website:

This is necessary startup for anyone who want to make money from affiliate long time.For making a website or blog you should follow some of the rules otherwise you divert from you earning way,here is the rules

  • Website/blog must be your own not shared with other
  • Choose niche of your affiliate (like pc/mobile shopping, web product , web hosting, themes/templates etc..)
  • Buy web hosting with domain(related to your niche),you can buy from godaddy ,bluehost,ipage or other cheap web hosting provider
  • Start website by any CMS . You can install wordpress on your domain from hosting cpanel
  • Install beautiful theme in wordpress
  • Setup your website by SEO configuration.
  • Start posting content on website related to your niche.

Join affiliate networks

Join each popular affiliate network for earning from there.Here i give you few list of popular networks that widely used for affiliate marketing.You can find other websites that have affiliate programs.

  • Shopping:
    • Amazon
    • Ebay
    • Flipkart (India)
    • Snapdeal(India)
  • For blog or affiliate website:
    • Clickbank
    • Commision junction
    • ShareAsale
    • Paydotcom
    • E-junkie

Now from these affiliate network you get affiliate link & use this in your website or blog.

  • Insert affiliate link in your post by anchor text or images.
  • You can use banner ads in your website/blog

By Email marketing

Other than website blog you can increase your affiliate sale by email marketing.If you are a regular reader of liveurlifehere blog then i have post about email marketing in last 3 articles & also give some list of internet marketing tools that have email marketing tools also.if you are new than don’t worry here you can get enough knowledge of email marketing.

Email marketing is quite different from blogging.In this you have to take care of few things like

  • Targeted Audience: Audience that target for affiliate sale is able to get your product or have interest in your product
  • Emailer design: Design of email that you send is good or not
  • Content of email:Content of email that you are sending is trusted & informative about your product.
  • Spam confirmation: This is important that you are not sending spam email to customer because if all mail not going to inbox than your effort waste.

Now question is “from where you get those people email which is interested in your niche products” ,this is simple & depends on your creativity .You get people like that on your own website , forums, social networks.On your own website you use email subscriber input so people can subscribe & you get emails.

By social websites:

One of the best market where you can get right audience to promote their product.But if you work there by using smart strategy that only you get sale.Here is tips for you from different social website that will help you

  • Facebook
    • Add friends that is interested in your niche.
    • Like page related to your product niche & comment on that.
    • join Groups that have much more members & related to your niche.
  • Twitter
    • Tweet with hashtag related to your product
    • Make a list of people in your niche
  • Pinterest
    • Post image of product with link

By community/forums

Join community of people in your niche & get knowledge of most selling product .Also there you get which product is most demanded & post that in your blog or website.These few forums are popular & here you can get more audience like warriorforum,,copyblogger.


Note:- If you think after reading you start earning from just next day than you are wrong, here i give you a way of earning from affiliate marketing.Now it is depends on you that how much you do smart work & how much you do hard work.


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