Author: Discord moderator
Game version: 1.0.29162. Without considering relic effects.

Part1: Elite Heroes Lineup

Good elite heroes:

  • 1. Paladin (tank): good tank up to 4* epic, smooth lineup for beginning team buff.
  • 2. Succubus (Succu, support): Boog heroin with the advantages: one extra move + atk bonus; No huge resource consumption, 1* epic also works well. Belongs to the strongest Abyss; Easy to form team buff; 2Succu with Vebulon is imba. 2succu + Vebu + Kronos is even imba. Highly recommend boring way to play to players who are interested to go further.
  • 3. Mistarille (Mista, support): +energy, +atk. Not easy to play due to confliction of resource with Kronos.

Fun elite heores:

Gymir and wind rider, sometimes work due to their skill. Shaman: another hero with ATK buff. No need to over lv60.

Epic heroes lineup

Worth to keep Epic heroes, which the writer will not use as evolution materials:

  • Vebulon: But it becomes weak for pvp since the new relic systems (kingdom Protection). Without the lightform he is just a chick.
  • Malastor: end phase hero when critical rate is high.

Other popular heroes

  • Tanks: Braklem+, Phlebos, Galiel, Qalrock, Heth
  • Support: Dominic+ at front row, Fangrim, Malastor,
  • DPS: Pyrax+, Hexus+, Talion at front row, Paloris+ means improved in this version.

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Good to have in pocket in case necessary:

  • Fangrim: reduce defense at first for two rounds, about 14% dmg increase. 1, or 3
  • Chainsaw: suicide tank. Most hp!
  • Ungriol: 40% 2rounds stun if it can survive. Especially boss is not immune right now.

Other heroes

  • Regandor: I do not become it so far in the almost 150 epic heroes. Drawback: only dmg to front row.
  • Sparok: burn dmg is not real dmg. Die easily even though with rebirth. (Try it with the new frozen relic now, but still not impressed.)
  • Omegon: nerfed in this version.
  • Uvashti: Nemesis does not take effect if it died before attack.
  • Xarkon: improved. But the improved one has not been tested. Good beginning stage hero.
  • Ikarus: when his skill takes effect, the fight is already over.
  • Jaina: my princess, how should I let you fight?
  • Nord: seems more than 15%. Stably achievable from event.


A normal team consist of 2-3 tanks, 2-3 dps, 1-2 support. 2 support is only for those who play with 2 Succu. Focus on key dps hero(c) to level up, and then the major tank. Support can be several star and 40-80 level less than c and tank. Pay attention not to update epic 3* easily. Unless there is enough copies of the hero to make it a four star. Otherwise one might get stuck.

At the first 6 Chapters, just use whatever epic hero one has got and the first two good elite heroes. No need to think about team buff. Two-star epic better than one star considering the new first skill. No more than LV60 for epic heroes.
After that one should considerate

  1. focus on two races or one race + relic/element. Use other races as evolution materials. Best option to play is Abyss, with several latest heroes and succu, or Waste, which Vebulon belongs to. Dungeon is no doubt so far the best choice for most people as the fertilizer for a strong team.
  2. Choose one hero to make it legend, which needs two four star hero from the same race, normally c. This hero should be with enough dmg output and comes from your major race. Best option is Vebulon, Pyrax, Braklem, Galiel.
  3. It is quite waste of resources if one has only one 4* in each race and many 3* lacking copies of heroes. Therefore, it is better to make one good hero 4* and keep other heroes from the same race as 2 star. Otherwise, it is not easy to make the chosen hero to be Legend 1* and has to suffer the pain of waiting and stucking. (when will Dev has the function to degrade 3* epic). Use leaves and Rune xstals to get more materials for your legend.
  4. Until the first legend becomes three-star Legend, one can considerate the next legend, unless the first one is a Braklem who lacks output or not enough copies.

Other Resources

  • Gold: basic materials for hero level up, market. Can be obtained by using gems with the price of about 4k per 1gem, not recommended.
  • Exp stone: for hero level up.
  • Promotion seed: for hero level up at certain level.
  • Arena Ticket: necessary for pvp in Arena, necessary for finishing the event. When available in the market, buy with gold, usually not with gems except beginning phase over 30% discount.
  • Guild coin: should only be used for guild tech, not for equipment.
  • Dragon Coin: only be used to change Epic heroes when necessary, especially Kronos.
  • Wishing coins: used in Helio when running into Cube for Splitter, equip, gold, and promotion seed.
  • Turbo Farm: to obtain resources.
  • Heroic summoning stone: summoning at summon alter. Obtained in Daily Quest, Achievement, Arena Market, events, Gaia, and Helio. About 225 Gems per Stone.
  • Destiny card: event properties. Dropped during destiny event. It can be stocked for the next destiny event.
  • Soul stone: can be exchanged for heroes in the soul stone shop. Highly recommended for relic or element elite heroes. Only can be obtained by decomposing heroes.
  • Helios Leaf: important to get rare epic heroes.
  • Rune Crystal: obtained in achievement, Arena Market, and events. About 300 gems per Crystal.
  • Celestial Orb: used to exchange Artefact and its upgrade materials. Obtained from airship.
  • Xxx cores (broken, dense, Fertile, ???): used to upgrade artifacts.
  • Event collection items: various items just for exchange gifts in events.

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