This guide is to help you get off to a quick start so you can be off and running with the rest of the community.

When beginning the game there is a lot to take in, but if you follow the tutorial carefully you will get a general sense of the game. Early on, you want to play with the strongest heroes that are at your disposal even if you may not want to use them later. This will drastically help you progress through the early stages. Later on down the road you can use them to evolve heroes that you want and enjoy playing with. Be active every day and collect as many resources as are available. Also, the more interactive you are with your community such as a guild will also give a boost to the early stages of the game. With a little bit of patience, you will be on your way to the top! Most importantly remember to have fun!

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So when you start the game, you can see different buildings and places. Let’s see each of them in detail!


In the campaign, you must kill the monsters of each battle point to continue the adventure.

It is one of the best ways to earn resources. make the most of it to fill your reserve of resources.and also there is a permanent resource collection system. More you advance in the campaign, the more important resources you collect, which will help you to improve your heroes.

As soon as you can, go into the campaign to win the battles. Don’t worry if you fail, try again and again, analyze the battles, and you will find a way to win the battles!


There are different types of hero in-game:

  • Attack type (DPS): Hero is good at dealing with damage to enemies.
  • Defense type (Tank): hero can take massive amounts of damage.
  • Support type (Healer, Buffer): hero is good at helping allies or hindering enemies in battle.

And In battle, you can place 3 heroes in front line and 3 heroes back (rear) line.

Generally, Players place 3 tanks in the front line and 3 attack types in the backline. But according to the heroes you have, you can choose your strategy to put for example 2 tank + 1 support in the front line, 3 DPS in the backline, or other composition. Carefully read the heroes’ plight, and according to their ability, form an unbeatable team!

In addition, each hero belongs to the following class (clans, races):

  • Polis
  • Wastes
  • Dungeon
  • Abyss
  • Element-Relic

When you have several heroes with the same class in your lineup, this gives you + % ATK and +% HP bonuses for all the heroes in your lineup.

  • 3 heroes of the same class -> + 8% ATK and + 8% HP
  • 4 heroes of the same class -> + 12% ATK and + 12% HP
  • 5 heroes of the same class -> + 16% ATK and + 16% HP

Element heroes can be viewed as part of any class except for the Relic.

Relics heroes can offer stat multiplier.

  • 1 relic hero +25% of your bonus ATK and HP
  • 2 relic hero +75% of your bonus ATK and HP
  • 3 relic hero +200% of your bonus ATK and HP

For beginners, see below some lineup to have a good start in-game:

  • Front line: paladin – centaur – paladin
  • Rear line: succubus-Polaris – Storm bringer(Polaris can get in market)
  • Front line: paladin – Galiel – paladin (Galiel can be get in market)
  • Rear line: succubus- Malastor – succubus
  • Front line: paladin – Phlebos – paladin
  • Rear line: Polaris – Vebulon -mistarille
  • Front line: paladin – kronos – paladin (polaris and kronos can be get in market)
  • Rear line: polaris – malastor – mistarille


Here, each floor is a challenge for you, if you win, you will get a very good reward (diamond, shard, summon stone, seed,…).

Try, defeat them, and improve your heroes. But Be careful this, each floor is harder than its previous!


Heliossia is like a dungeon. Each time, there are 3 bosses and a final boss before moving on to the next dungeon.

There are also traps to avoid during the crossing of the dungeon. while concerning the rewards, you can find rare and epic chests, you can receive a lot of rewards such as gold, diamond, shard, ova prima, equipment, etc …

When you will pass for the next dungeon, the difficulty increases, and the rewards also increase.

Heliossia is linked to your campaign level, be sure to make good progress in these campaigns if you want to advance in the dungeons.

ADVICE: In the dungeon, you have a life bar, which decreases with each battle (won or lost) and with each trap you hit.once you have no more life, you cannot move, you have to wait the next day.

So we advise you to avoid traps and intermediate monsters. First, kill all the bosses, recover the chests, and then kill the intermediate monster. And for each boss, compose your better formation.


Here you can have hero according to Ova prima that you can earn in Heliossia.


Once passing campaign 8-5 you unlock thr air cruiser. Finally!!!

Upon entering the air cruiser, you will fly off to a territory that will require some exploring. Move your character around to discover hidden treasures such as gold, exp, or even gems!

You will also find enemies to battle and if you are able to defeat them, they will drop a permanent buff that will stay on your team for the remainder of your exploration. There are objects you can interactive with as well that can instantly kill an enemy in a certain direction, or replenish mobility if you had trouble defeating an enemy.

On each stage (3 in total) you will find a boss, that will have a red circle around them. It is best to save that as your last fight so you can collect as many buffs as possible to help your chances of defeating the more difficult boss. When you are able to defeat the boss, a chest will appear that has valuable resources to Artifacts.

You will also find a portal allowing you to go to the next stage, in which you will repeat this process. On the third stage, if you are able to defeat the boss, a clickable artifact will appear, and you will loot a random artifact. Be careful not to die to many times or you will run out of mobility and be unable to proceed any further until the reset timer is up. Air cruiser will reset ever 48 hours and you may retry or complete again. Happy exploring!


In the arena, make your formation to fight other lineup players (PVP).

Don’t forget to make your formation for the defense part after updating your lineup!


When you are available to join a guild, do it quickly because it helps you to raise your power heroes, earn gold.


Be sure you do all quest! A good way to have resources. don’t forget, more you do quest more you can have it.


Here you can buy different things (equipment, heroes shard, seed, summon stone), it’s up to you if needed. It is good to complete your lack of resources, shards, and so on.


Advice: use your diamond or summon stone per 10.


A good way to focus only on one class (race). you can also earn Helios Leaf to transmute heroes that you don’t like.


Here you can decompose Rare (blue) heroes to get seed and soul stone. with soul stone, you can buy Elite and Epic hero.


You can place an artifact on your heroes. Combine them cleverly, DEF artifact with DEF hero, etc…

Enjoy your game.

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