Galiel, a Defense champion from Abyss class. Galiel has a Soul Eater Sword that helps her extracting the soul of random enemies, dealing damage to them. While taking an attack, her magic sword will consume Soul Energy.

Galiel Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Galiel below:

Soul Eater Sword

Active skill: Wields a magic sword, extracting the souls of 3 random enemies, dealing (100% of Attack) damage and stealing 5% of the target’s Attack and Armor for 3 rounds.

Soul Shift

Passive skill: When taking an attack, the magic sword will get Soul Energy (up to 5 stacks). Your next basic attack will consume all Soul Energy, each stack boosting this attack by 12% Attack, 12% Leech.

Fallen Will

Passive skill: HP increases by 30%. Crit increases by 20%.

Soul Reap

Passive skill: Basic attack is replaced with an attack dealing (100% of Attack) damage to front row targets. For each target killed by this attack, you will immediately get 1 stack of Soul Energy.

Galiel Artifacts Suggestion

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