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Heth Skill Analysis & Artifacts Guide

by Pankaj

Heth is a Defensicve champion from Abyss class. Heth can take great amount of damage like a Defensive champion and also can use her spear to deal damage to enemies. While blocking enemies attack, her attack and crit increases.

Heth Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Heth below:

Flying Slash

Active skill: Wields a spear, dealing (140% of Attack) damage to the current target and any targets on either side.

Phantom Slash

Passive skill: Basic attacks are replaced by Phantom slash, slashing a random enemy 3 consecutive times, dealing (70% of Attack) damage, with a 35% chance to Taunt the target after the attack for 2 rounds (Taunted targets can’t use skills, and will be forced to attack the taunter).

Hell Shield

Passive skill: HP increases by 20%, Block increases by 30%.

Block Counter

Passive skill: When Heth blocks, increases Attack and Crit by 3% for 4 rounds.

Heth Artifacts Suggestion

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