Jaina is a Support champion from Dungeon class. As a support champion, she supports her team by summoning Demons and Specters. The summoned Specters of Jaina will stop at nothing even after her own death and starts attacking random enemy targets after her death.

Jaina Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Jaina below:

Specter Breath

Active skill: Summons a demon to spit out dark energy, dealing (120% of Attack) damage to front row enemies, with a 50% chance to silence the target for 2 rounds.

Dead Specter

Passive skill: When performing a basic attack, Jaina summons a specter that lasts for 3 rounds, and then commands all Specters to attack random energy heroes for (80% of Attack) damage, with a 25% chance to silence for 2 rounds.

Touch of Death

Passive skill: Attack increases by 20%. Armor Break increases by 10%. Precision increases by 10%.

Specter Dash

Passive skill: When Jaina dies, all remaining Specters attack random enemies. Each Specter deals (100% of Attack) damage, with a 50% chance to silence the target for 2 rounds.

Jaina Artifacts Suggestion

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