Malastor, a demon from Abyss class and an Attack champion. Malastor can generate a Crit Aura for the allies but it disappears with his death, and also has power of raging fire that helps him dealing damage to enemies.

Malastor Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Malastor below:

Abyssal Fury

Active skill: Unleashes a raging fire from the abyss, dealing (170% of Attack) damage to the current target and any targets on either side.

Crit Aura

Passive skill: At the beginning of battle, generates a Crit Aura that lasts 3 rounds, increasing Crit for other allies by 20%. The aura disappears when Malastor dies. (Will only be cast once if multiple Malastors are in the lineup)

Demon Pounce

Passive skill: When an ally’s basic attack or active skill deals a crit strike, Malastor has a 75% chance of making a follow-up attack on the target, dealing (Attack 110%) damage (an AoE attack will only trigger this effect once).

Demon Power

Passive skill: Attack increases by 20%. Crit increases by 20%.

Malastor Artifacts Suggestion

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