Nord is a Defense champion from Abyss class. With royal blood in his veins, Nord can shake the ground with the power of his hammer and there is a chance to stun the enemies for 2 rounds. Nord can recover his HP when he has low HP.

Nord Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Nord below:

Hammer Blow

Active skill: Shakes the ground, dealing (100% of Attack) damage to the target and adjacent enemies, with a 15% chance to stun the target for 2 rounds.

Royal Bloodline

Passive skill: When Nord is attacked and its HP falls below 30%, all negative effects are removed, and 20% of own Max HP is recovered (can only trigger once per battle).

Royal Armor

Passive skill: HP increases by 25%. Armor increases by 15%.

Flame Avatar

Passive skill: When Royal Bloodline is triggered, Flame Avatar is also triggered, giving all attacks an extra 60% burning effect for 2 rounds, and giving self Control Immunity. Flame Avatar lasts for 3 rounds.

Nord Artifacts Suggestion

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