Dear Adventurers,The servers will be unable to login on June 11 around 8:00 ~ 9:00 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for new updates. The duration of the update is estimated for 5~10 minutes and may be extended due to technical issues. All adventurers can receive 300 Gems after the update as the compensation.

[Update Log June 11]-

Primary changes & New Features

  • New building: Library, where only your strongest heroes can settle in and share their knowledge with all the rest of others.
  • 2. As the completion of the library, we have modified the hero developing system:
    a). The cost of evolving hero has been lowered, players who have evolved into phases of heroes will receive a large number of shards as the compensation.
    b). The modification of the player’s battle power calculation formula can more accurately reflect the strength of your overall deck strength rather than the strength of a single lineup.
  • **Adventurer’s panel battle power may be slightly lower than before, but the hero’s combat ability has not changed.

New Heroes

  • a). Aredhel the Elf Ranger from Polis.
  • b). Medusa the Viper from Wastes.


  • 1. When the Guild Leader is offline for more than 3 days, it will trigger the automatic transfer of the leadership to other guild members.
  • 2. The first recharge bonus is redesigned, all players can get an epic hero directly after purchasing any other packs.
  • 3. Increased rewards from various places in a cruiser expedition.
  • 4. Now in the arena, you can only take revenge once against each record.
  • 5. Artifact [Dragon’s Blessing] Level 6 ability is changed to: Remove the trigger limit.
  • 6. Added red marker when the Air Cruiser is reset.
  • 7. Optimized the text layout of artifact attributes.
  • 8. Optimized the interface performance after reaching the top level of the Gaiatree.
  • 9. The locked hero will no longer appear in the evolution offering list.

Bugs Fixed

  • 1. Vebulon’s Thunderstorm will no longer penetrate the target protected by the Kingdom’s guardian artifact.
  • 2. Fixed a bug where Sparok’s health was lower than the skill descriptions after the resurrection.
  • 3. Other SFX problems fixed.

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