Qalrok, a Defensive champion from Abyss class with a Stone like appearance. Qalrok has the capability of adding Lava Screen for self, and has a rock solid structure who can take massive amount of damage.

Qalrok Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Qalrok below:

Lava Screen

Active skill: Adds a Lava Screen for self that lasts 2 rounds. When the screen is active, Molten Titan can’t move, but all damage is reduced by 35%, and attackers are dealt 60% burning damage for 3 rounds.

Monolith Dash

Passive skill: Monolith Dash is triggered immediately after Lava Screen ends, dealing (90% of Attack) to the current target and adjacent enemies.

Rock Solid

Passive skill: HP increases by 25%. Armor increases by 30%.

Flame Mystery

Passive skill: When Monolith Dash hits a burning enemy, Talos sets off all burn effects on the target, dealing damage equal to 80% of remaining burn damage (capped at(1000% of Attack) damage), and recovering HP equal to 45% of damage dealt.

Qalrok Artifacts Suggestion

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