Ungriol is a Defensive champion from Dungeon class, using spikes as his weapon dealing damage to target and also has a chance to stun them for 2 rounds. When attacked, he can cast Dark Swarm to give damage to enemies.

Ungriol Skills:

Let’s discuss the skills of Ungriol below:

Ground Spike

Active skill: Spikes poke out from the ground in front of Ungriol, dealing (140% of Attack) damage to the target and target behind it, with a 20% chance to stun the target for 2 rounds.

Dark Swarm

Passive skill: When Ungriol is attacked and its HP falls below 40%, it will immediately cast dark Swarm, dealing (120% of Attack) damage to 3-4 random enemies, with a 35% chance to encircle the target for 4 rounds. Targets encircled by the Swarm will be blinded, and all burning damage they take will be increased by 15% (can only trigger once, can’t be triggered when controlled).

Insectoid Armor

Passive skill: HP increases by 40%. Armor increases by 10%.


Passive skill: When attacked, 15% of damage received is dealt back to the attacker as true damage.

Ungriol Artifacts Suggestion

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