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Idle Mafia Beginners Guide – Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Grow Fast

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Idle Mafia tycoon manager is a very interesting idle game developed by century game. the game machines are pretty simple you need to collect cash from the city and keep moving from one city to another. In-game, capos play a very important role to increase your income fast also to get building at no cash.

In this guide we will share some tips and tricks that you should consider while playing the game.

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Grow Fast

 Idle Mafia has lots of tasks to finish and plenty of capos to handle, which means you’ll need all the advice you can if you’re looking to stay at the top of the criminal ladder. so here we are giving you some tips hope these tips will help you to grow faster.

Always Remember to assign Capos to the buildings

we all know Money is a very important resource in Idle Mafia. You always need cash either to complete the mission or upgrading the building. so make sure to assign your best capos to the highest income building to multiple your income from that building.

Make sure your all building capos are upgraded to min level at least to automate the income or it will hard to tap every few seconds to collect cash from building.

Never Spend Your Money to Unlock a New Building

why to pay for new building when you get it for free. Yeah, just fight for it and get it for free and use that cash for building upgrade. But make sure you have good capos to win the fight. Try to get buffs from capos team and keep on level up capos when you have enough resources.

Don;t forget Fight Stage to Collect Tons of Cigars

you can only win the building fight if you have good capos with you. and in order to make your capos strong, you need lots of cigars. Clearing the cigar fight stage gives you lots of cigars. so make sure to keep pushing the stages as far as you can.

Follow Your Stage Objectives

Don’t do other tasks those are not in objective like suppose don’t spend your cigar earlier unless its urgent and you are not winning any fight. because you will get cigar spending objective and you realize that you spent all you cigar recently. so just focus on finishing you current objective.

Take advantage of Video Boost & Freebies

When you are offline for some time and after you log in again you will see a video boost option to 2x your income. always try to get that 2x income because it will take 30 seconds and your income will be just double. also Key eyes in your office there is video boost option make sure to get that boost too. Each video ad from office give a 2-hour boost and can stack up to 10 hours.

Also, every 4 hour you will get a free safe key to get a random capos.

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