learn how to change Background of webpage using CSS

By:- +Aman yadav

You can change background of page using html but Css is efficient and reliable way . In Css you can change background by changing color of page and particular position .One important things about css i.e css always use in  between. Here is different ways

1.Background color    

Background color can be change  in particular line , area , table or full page here is different code for this
Change full page background color code
Change color of text of line


<h1 style=color:white;>Liveurlifehere blog

<p style=color:#f6f6f6;>This is an example of Css full page background change by Aman yadav

                                          TRY IT YOURSELF

2.Set Background image

>Background image in full page

background:url(‘IMAGE URL HERE‘);

Here body call to body word anywhere in the page and run this script.You can add style in only div for this you write style in that div like-  Here you can add code for changing color or change background image.

>Background Image in fixed or small area

For changing background of small area you make table in that area and change the background in that particular area

<table style="background-image:url(UR IMAGE URL);">

Background iamge in small area


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